Woman love team players

Italy world cup team 2006

Ever wonder how to impress her? Talk about your football league, basketball tournament, not your 10KM run or 42KM Marathon. Women are more attracted to team players rather than to men who prefer solo sports. The pictures above shows the Italian World Cup team in 2006. The captain who holds the World Cup trophy looks more Dominant, Attractive and full of Pride compared to other players. Do you ever forget the hot hunk who plays football? Or do you remember the guy who beats the 400M hurdles record in your school? Which one do you remember the most? According to a study, when women viewed a photos of men along with captions about the men's athletics endeavors, they rated the those who played team sports higher in both datability and sexual attractiveness. The reason? Women may associate team sports with celebrity and they also prefer socially dominant men. Usain Bolt have break the 100M world record three times in 2008, but David Beckham autobiography still sells more than him though they say Beckham is not as good as he used to be. So guys, go out and start playing Futsal, Paintball, Basketball, and the list goes on with your friends if you want to be noticed and impress your girlfriend.

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