Thirteen ways to delegate work effectively

One of the biggest frustration of many Managers is the lack of time to perform all of the work required of them in their role as a Manager or even a Team Leader. Think of delegation as nothing more than giving yourself the oppurtunity to spend more time in the vital areas of your job such as planning, organising, inspecting, coaching, innovating, and developing people. -The Star

Here are 13 ways to delegate work effectively

1. Delegate a task if someone else can do it, wants to do it, needs to do it or likes to do it.

2. When you delegate responsibility, also delegate the authority to use the resources to get it done.

3. Delegate results, not necessarily the method.

4. When you delegate something, don't take it back.

5. Ensure the person understand what you have delegated to him and why.

6. Set benchmark or checkpoints and then leave them alone.

7. Reinforce positive results and give feedback or negative results.

8. Communicate clear instructions, expectations and guidelines.

9. Use delegation as a staff development tool.

10. Resist the tendency to over inspect.

11. Ask for regular written or verbal reports.

12. Remember what you delegated and to whom.

13. See failure as necessary if people are willing to stretch, learn and grow.

You may think that this is not so important as you are not a manager yet or you just think thank it is impossible for you to reach up to the level. Well, the 13 ways on how to delegate task is useful in your daily life for example you are working on a Web-based development, president of a car club, Futsal's captain, School's prefect and etc. -The Star

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