Blood donation.. Have u ever?

Well, it's been a while didn't post any new post to my blog. Well,
here goes. Yesterday 25th of March 2009, when i go down to C-level to accompany my colleague to smoke (i have stop buying but still smoking. social smoker i guess).. *wink2*.. i saw a group of people queueing up for something.. to donate their blood *i hate the smell of the blood*.. Then, i decided to donate though i am afraid of the blood. The smell or even by looking at it will surely makes me faint. Sighh... But i am so proud of being the O- type so my blood can be used by any other blood type but i can only received from O-type. *sad*.. This would be my 2nd time of my life to donate and the 1st time didn't go quite well. I only managed to fill half of the tube but yesterday was different. I was brave enough (hahaha) and managed to fill the tube well. Pity Alyn and Yati as they can't make it because yati used to stay in europe in early 90's where there in europe they have some kind of disease and alyn because of high blood pressure.. U would also received a certificate from Blood Bank of Malaysia and some treats.. Cool huh? Enjoy the pics. (>.<)

Waiting patiently...(sigh... i hate blood)
Trying to look cool

when would u?

The Certificate *proud*

Princess Sofia.. The hot babe in red..

Finally.. I got myself my 2nd car after i have been driving my Ford Laser 1981 for 3 years since my college days. To get the car, lots of things i have to sacrifice. I guess that's just life.. he2.. Well, now i need at least 10-15K to set her up for Autocross.. I would not change her heart (engine) for the time being.. The car remain in stock condition (suspension, interior, engine & performance, braking system, ICE and etc). Just to go for comfort and stability then of course some power. With a Campro (i called macam pro. ha2..) engine, i am confident that it can go up to 140HP with the help from Unichip.. Well, she's gonna cost me a bomb. For satisfaction, we spent a lot so don't ask me why i spent much money+time on her. Enjoy the pics... :D