5 Digicams under RM1,000

Whenever i walk around, going nowhere, driving, events, or even sightseeing. I can see that taking picture is something that never dead since the era the camera was invented. If we see our parents camera are much more bigger in size during their time, but that is not something that would stop them from takimg pictures. Why? a picture tells a thousand words. Yes, it is and don't deny it. Now, for us who don't have enough cash but just can't resist the desire to get a digicam, i will reveal the 5 quality digicams which is less than RM1,000. Yes u read it right! Less than RM1,000 where it's less than USD 350. (Reviewed by Personal Money)

Samsung Digimax i8

The i8 is an 8MP Digicam with a 5x digital zoom and a 3x optical zoom. It is a little smaller than most digicams and sports face-detection and a multi-slide-show feature. Retail Price : RM999


Nikon Coolpix S560

From the household name in digicams comes the S560, which offers 10MP and 5x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. Additionally, it sports a 16-scene mode feature, which allows you to choose from settings such as Food, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Potrait, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/ Dawn, Panorama assist and Back Light. Retail price : RM888


Olympus mju 1040

This 10MP digicam comes with a 2.7in LCD screen, a 5x digital zoom and a 3x optical zoom. Other features include face detection and shadow adjust. Retail Price : RM 899


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3

The Lumix is able to record WVGA video at 15 frames per second (fps) to 30 fps video, and has face detection technology, 4x digital zoom and 3x optical zoom capabilities.
Retail Price : RM 799


Canon Powershot A590IS

The Powershot series have been bestsellers for years, and this 8MP camera is no different. It has 4x optical zoom and digital zooms amd sports a 2.5in LCD screen, which is a little small compared to other cameras. Still, it's a favourite, and comes with face detection and auto-focus features.
Retail Price : RM 899

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How to avoid falling into a relationship rut

It's Thursday night; and like every Thursday night, you and your sweetie are sitting on the couch sharing your favourite pizza and watching TV. Tomorrow, you'll both meet up at the local pub to catch up with friends like you do every week. Saturday morning is your standing date for breakfast together.

  • Learn the difference between a rut and a routine. If you and your honey enjoy spending Thursday night in front of the idiot box eating take-out food, there's no reason to put a stop to it.
  • It only becomes a rut when one night of TV becomes three or four or five nights and you're turning down invites because it feels like too much trouble to leave the house.
  • If you watch TV one night, it's off the next night and you do something completely different.
  • Keep separate interest. Have individual hobbies and interest so you don't lose sight of yourself in the relationship and so that you have something to talk about and share.
  • Set out to accomplish new goals together.
- The Star

Thirteen ways to delegate work effectively

One of the biggest frustration of many Managers is the lack of time to perform all of the work required of them in their role as a Manager or even a Team Leader. Think of delegation as nothing more than giving yourself the oppurtunity to spend more time in the vital areas of your job such as planning, organising, inspecting, coaching, innovating, and developing people. -The Star

Here are 13 ways to delegate work effectively

1. Delegate a task if someone else can do it, wants to do it, needs to do it or likes to do it.

2. When you delegate responsibility, also delegate the authority to use the resources to get it done.

3. Delegate results, not necessarily the method.

4. When you delegate something, don't take it back.

5. Ensure the person understand what you have delegated to him and why.

6. Set benchmark or checkpoints and then leave them alone.

7. Reinforce positive results and give feedback or negative results.

8. Communicate clear instructions, expectations and guidelines.

9. Use delegation as a staff development tool.

10. Resist the tendency to over inspect.

11. Ask for regular written or verbal reports.

12. Remember what you delegated and to whom.

13. See failure as necessary if people are willing to stretch, learn and grow.

You may think that this is not so important as you are not a manager yet or you just think thank it is impossible for you to reach up to the level. Well, the 13 ways on how to delegate task is useful in your daily life for example you are working on a Web-based development, president of a car club, Futsal's captain, School's prefect and etc. -The Star

How to calculate the cost of owning a car

Honda City 2009

Most of us would have the desire to buy a new car. The reason? Did not want to go to the workshop every week as the new car is easier to maintain. But most of the car onwers know that the cost of a car is much more than the sticker price in a dealer's lot. Know the cost of owning a car before you buy a new one.

1) Multiply monthly payments by 12 to calculate the total annual cost of your car loan (for example ; RM600X12 months = RM7200)

2) Insurance cost matters.

3) The cost of petrol consumption of a car is very important

4) Cost of maintenance (spare parts) and repair should not be overlooked.

5) Taxes, Registration and license fees can also add a lot on to the annual and intial octs of having a car.

6) If driving in ares that require you to pay parking fees make sure to calculate the costs (for example; RM5X20working days = RM100).

7) Don't forget to take into account the depreciation (decrease of the car value) a car will have. As soon as a car is taken out of a dealer's lot the car will go down in value.

How to live a simpler, sweeter life

With the current economic situation, many of us are forced to re-examine our lifestyle and commit to living lives that are simpler.

- Accept the truth that you only have a finute number of minutes in this earth (nobody lives forever). Respect and celebrate each one.
- Say yes to the things that enliven you; say no to everything else.
- Unsubscibe to any email mailing list that you do not eagerly await (for example new car promotions, expensive clothes, dream house and etc).
- Take a breath before you eat anything (makes u appreciate the food more).
- Give yourself totally to the smallest of tasks. Whether shifting your car from first gear to second, pulling a bottle of lotion from the store shelves, listening to a friends talk or kissing your sweetie - be sure that you are completely yourself in every moment.

So, what are you waiting for? Start living a happy, simpler and sweetier life. :)


Hell Yeah!! You read the title right. It's PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia) or Royal Malaysian Police are buying the Mitsubishi EVO X. How many units that they bought so far i did not know (rumors says 25 unit) but in this undated photo which i receieved from my brother shows that the PDRM have bought the car (the photo looks true enough, no photoshop editing) and i'm pretty sure it will be on the road sooner or later. With a car which is more than 250hp, there's no way one can deal with it (Unless your car is 300hp with tein absorber and lots of aftermarket products installed on your car). So guys, when you see an Evo X behind you, look on it's roof first, who know it might be the PDRM EVO X!!!

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Woman love team players

Italy world cup team 2006

Ever wonder how to impress her? Talk about your football league, basketball tournament, not your 10KM run or 42KM Marathon. Women are more attracted to team players rather than to men who prefer solo sports. The pictures above shows the Italian World Cup team in 2006. The captain who holds the World Cup trophy looks more Dominant, Attractive and full of Pride compared to other players. Do you ever forget the hot hunk who plays football? Or do you remember the guy who beats the 400M hurdles record in your school? Which one do you remember the most? According to a study, when women viewed a photos of men along with captions about the men's athletics endeavors, they rated the those who played team sports higher in both datability and sexual attractiveness. The reason? Women may associate team sports with celebrity and they also prefer socially dominant men. Usain Bolt have break the 100M world record three times in 2008, but David Beckham autobiography still sells more than him though they say Beckham is not as good as he used to be. So guys, go out and start playing Futsal, Paintball, Basketball, and the list goes on with your friends if you want to be noticed and impress your girlfriend.

Are you generous or just...?

Ever throw money around when a hot & beautiful woman was watching? British researcher found that men contributed more winnings to charity when they are being watched by beautiful woman than when they are playing alone or being watched by another man. Woman's charitable impulses didn't change no matter who was watching. That's the main reason why each time when there's an auction, there will be beautiful ladies, contract signing, charity dinner with fashion show, new product launching and lots more events. Those are the tricks used to gain more money. Well, what does this got to do with a normal guy like us who dont earned 5 figure salary per month? If we think of the past, whenever we go out with beautiful gals, we tend to spend more. It seems ok to us. Even we know that we will not have enough money to survive until the end of month, we have to bear with the guy from the bank who keep on calling us to pay the Credit Card, Borrowing the money from our friend, but that would not stop us to spend just to impress them. That's just man. You can't change them.

Proton Gen2

Well, not all of us would prefer the car that i have listed in the previous post. No worries, there's always an option for us. Now, i'm gonna show you another product from PROTON ( I'm a Malaysian, i will review my national car first.. he2..) which is Proton Gen2. The car looks pretty standard but then it suits for any age of people behind the wheel. Though some of us have problem with the CAMPRO engine for Gen2 which occur whenever u change the gear below RPM 4K, It will give u a weird sound which would lead to inefficiency of fuel. Words of advice, buy the car and change the engine. That would solve the problem right? Other way around, stop pressing too hard on the gas pedal. :)

Proton Gen2

As a human being, we are never satisfied with the things that we have. We always want to make it better. For example, we go to do manicure & pedicure for ladies, guys goes to gym for a better shape. Same goes to our car, We will always try to make it looks better than our friends car. With a larger RIMS, BODYKIT, ICE (In-car entertainment) and the list goes on. Now i will show you how to make ur car looks better.

So? What do you think? Cool enough to spend your hard earned money? Wait NO MORE!

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