5 Digicams under RM1,000

Whenever i walk around, going nowhere, driving, events, or even sightseeing. I can see that taking picture is something that never dead since the era the camera was invented. If we see our parents camera are much more bigger in size during their time, but that is not something that would stop them from takimg pictures. Why? a picture tells a thousand words. Yes, it is and don't deny it. Now, for us who don't have enough cash but just can't resist the desire to get a digicam, i will reveal the 5 quality digicams which is less than RM1,000. Yes u read it right! Less than RM1,000 where it's less than USD 350. (Reviewed by Personal Money)

Samsung Digimax i8

The i8 is an 8MP Digicam with a 5x digital zoom and a 3x optical zoom. It is a little smaller than most digicams and sports face-detection and a multi-slide-show feature. Retail Price : RM999


Nikon Coolpix S560

From the household name in digicams comes the S560, which offers 10MP and 5x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. Additionally, it sports a 16-scene mode feature, which allows you to choose from settings such as Food, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Potrait, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/ Dawn, Panorama assist and Back Light. Retail price : RM888


Olympus mju 1040

This 10MP digicam comes with a 2.7in LCD screen, a 5x digital zoom and a 3x optical zoom. Other features include face detection and shadow adjust. Retail Price : RM 899


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3

The Lumix is able to record WVGA video at 15 frames per second (fps) to 30 fps video, and has face detection technology, 4x digital zoom and 3x optical zoom capabilities.
Retail Price : RM 799


Canon Powershot A590IS

The Powershot series have been bestsellers for years, and this 8MP camera is no different. It has 4x optical zoom and digital zooms amd sports a 2.5in LCD screen, which is a little small compared to other cameras. Still, it's a favourite, and comes with face detection and auto-focus features.
Retail Price : RM 899

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