Are you generous or just...?

Ever throw money around when a hot & beautiful woman was watching? British researcher found that men contributed more winnings to charity when they are being watched by beautiful woman than when they are playing alone or being watched by another man. Woman's charitable impulses didn't change no matter who was watching. That's the main reason why each time when there's an auction, there will be beautiful ladies, contract signing, charity dinner with fashion show, new product launching and lots more events. Those are the tricks used to gain more money. Well, what does this got to do with a normal guy like us who dont earned 5 figure salary per month? If we think of the past, whenever we go out with beautiful gals, we tend to spend more. It seems ok to us. Even we know that we will not have enough money to survive until the end of month, we have to bear with the guy from the bank who keep on calling us to pay the Credit Card, Borrowing the money from our friend, but that would not stop us to spend just to impress them. That's just man. You can't change them.

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