Care for a ghost dish?

Yesterday i went to the curve to watch movie with my girl. Before that, we decided to take our dinner first as it is still early. We went to little penang kafe (they just opened another outlet at the curve). As i go through the menu, i noticed this dish called 'kari hantu set' or in english Ghost Curry set. I dont dare to try as i am afraid that i might get possessed and scream like hell in the cinema. Wakaka.

Future cyberathlete.

Counter-Strike. Have any of you tried this game before? Any idea how it looks like? How does it feels to play the game? Why people are so addicted to this game? I still remember that i started to play the game way back in the year 2000. In the year 2004 i was in WCG (World Cyber Game) competition which was held in Midvalley, KL. Now, i am active in paintball. Some of the basic decoy, attacking, defending skills i learned in CS, plus with my fast tapping finger (i play the bass for my band) and my fast movement and run (i was a 1500M runner and 400M hurdler during the secondary school) makes me a great paintballer. Well, the picture above have nothing to do with my history, its just that this kid (i believe he is less than 9 years old) is a bad a**. I can see few head shot he made. He'll be the perfect person for any team who are looking for a new talent in CS. :p

Little panda

Meet panda. My neighbour's dog. Each time i am back at home, whenever she is outside of the house, she would come to me n start barking in a nice way "woof, woof". I guess she said where the hell have you been? Hehe. By the way, dont ask me what breed she is as i dont have any idea about it.

Care for a 'budget hotel'?

Imagine this, you are in KL and you can't find a hotel, or even a budget hotel. So, what do you do? Why dont you go to a cyber cafe with a cool air conditioning, a comfortable seat and a clean toilet. Where do you find one? You can find one at V2 Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.