Proton Gen2

Well, not all of us would prefer the car that i have listed in the previous post. No worries, there's always an option for us. Now, i'm gonna show you another product from PROTON ( I'm a Malaysian, i will review my national car first.. he2..) which is Proton Gen2. The car looks pretty standard but then it suits for any age of people behind the wheel. Though some of us have problem with the CAMPRO engine for Gen2 which occur whenever u change the gear below RPM 4K, It will give u a weird sound which would lead to inefficiency of fuel. Words of advice, buy the car and change the engine. That would solve the problem right? Other way around, stop pressing too hard on the gas pedal. :)

Proton Gen2

As a human being, we are never satisfied with the things that we have. We always want to make it better. For example, we go to do manicure & pedicure for ladies, guys goes to gym for a better shape. Same goes to our car, We will always try to make it looks better than our friends car. With a larger RIMS, BODYKIT, ICE (In-car entertainment) and the list goes on. Now i will show you how to make ur car looks better.

So? What do you think? Cool enough to spend your hard earned money? Wait NO MORE!

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Click Here for the full specifications of PROTON GEN2

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