How to avoid falling into a relationship rut

It's Thursday night; and like every Thursday night, you and your sweetie are sitting on the couch sharing your favourite pizza and watching TV. Tomorrow, you'll both meet up at the local pub to catch up with friends like you do every week. Saturday morning is your standing date for breakfast together.

  • Learn the difference between a rut and a routine. If you and your honey enjoy spending Thursday night in front of the idiot box eating take-out food, there's no reason to put a stop to it.
  • It only becomes a rut when one night of TV becomes three or four or five nights and you're turning down invites because it feels like too much trouble to leave the house.
  • If you watch TV one night, it's off the next night and you do something completely different.
  • Keep separate interest. Have individual hobbies and interest so you don't lose sight of yourself in the relationship and so that you have something to talk about and share.
  • Set out to accomplish new goals together.
- The Star

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