I was on my way to my office (it was sunday.. Lolz) and i saw this car. The plate is JEW. My reaction was like 'a jew in a japanese car, how cool is that'. Ha3.. But then i realised than my hp is a japanese+jew product (sony+ericsson). To the owner of the car, this is only for fun and doesnt meant to harrass you.

Back to work after Eid holiday

Its Wednesday, 23rd Sep 2009 i am back to work after the Eid holiday. The days welcomes me with 70 over emails. Which i managed to reply only half of it. At 9 P.M, i decided to leave. What a day. Sighh.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri part III

This is the room that i stayed for 3 nights during this year Hari Raya. It is a junior suite room in a hotel located in hearts of Georgetown, Penang. Do you remember my first post during the eve of Eid? Dont you wonder why did i go down at 3a.m in the morning talking to the hotel staff? Well, sit back, relax and keep on reading. During the eve, i slept at 12.30 A.M. Around 2 A.M, i realised that i started to see a thing which is like a fireball but it is in black. I sigh heavily, hoping that thing would go away. Minutes after that, i started to feel that i was being touched, and i cant move. It happens few times, i tried with all my strength to release myself from being unable to move. It happens more than 5 times, after i was released, i ask the thing to leave me alone as i need to wake up early for Eid prayer. And right after that, out of the window, i see a woman in white wedding dress. She was right next to my window. Her face is facing the city and her body is leaning against the window. I was totally shocked, stunned, breathing heavily and started to scream 'ALLAH, ALLAH YA ALLAH' and try my very best to break free. Once free, i went to the toilet, take a shower and go down the hotel lobby. Went to 7E and buy a pack of Marlboro and smoke. Thats when i started to talk to the hotel staff and one of them explained to me briefly in which floors 'she' usually go. Well, most of us would change room or hotel but i decided to stay as the 'thing' or you can call it a ghost is outside of the room. And i did 'azan' (recite the call for prayer in arabic) before i went down and smoke. Thats my eid eve experience. What about you guys? ;)

Hari Raya Aidilfitri part II

On Sunday, 20th Sep 2009 is the day that muslims celebrate the eid after 1 month of fasting in the month of Ramadhan. Me and my parents celebrate the eid in Penang. We went to perform the Eid prayer in Tanjung Bungah mosque. The mosque is the untouched building during the 2004 tsunami. This is the same thing happened in Acheh, Indonesia. The buildings, houses were absolutely destroyed. Dead bodies are everywhere. More than 20000 people died in Asia. In penang, more than 50 people died. But, life goes on no matter what. We cant look back and keep on regretting.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri's 2009 part 1

It is 3am in the morning. Why am i still awake? Well, i got a thing to tell. I am at the hotel entrance chatting with two of the hotel staff who's on duty. Over here, lots of beemers, mercs come and where the hell do this people goes? There's a ktv nearby. A ktv which is a private ktv where they provide you with hookers, prostitute or we call them 'ayam' in malay. This reminds me of the days i used 2 work in a hotel in kl. I miss those days where every night the night comes alive. Ha3. I guess i'm getting old. Owh what the hell with that photo above? One of the taxi driver shoots the fireworks or firecracker in the middle of the road. Crazy. :P

Ron95? Is it as good as you heard?

Good day everyone. It have been many debate and unsatisfaction from the people who used Ron95. Well, with the advertisement everywhere saying that the petrol is an improved version from the current Ron95, but i just feel like it is not. The picture above shows that i am using Ron97. Why? For a Campro engine user, the power bend of your car would change, no torque, no response. Using Ron95 would absolutely dissapoint you. Based on the other user, the same happens to their vehicle. With the price of RM 1.80 (Ron95) and RM 2.05 (Ron97), the choice is yours. Whether you sacrifice your money for a better performance or the other. The choice is yours.

Rad's last day at IBM Bandar Utama

Thank god it's friday. Its a day before a long weekend. And its two days before 'Hari Raya Puasa' or better known as 'Hari Raya Aidilfitri'. Today, radiyah, or a.k.a rad are leaving IBM to help her brother's company (a legal firm). She has been working for more than a year for IBM System z software. Her absence would surely be missed by us. To rad : Good Luck in your new career. =)

Winston anyone?

Winston. A pack of cigarette which is slightly cheaper than marlboro, dunhill and etc. Why the hell do i take this picture? First, because the day the pack was manufactured was on my birthday 22nd of may. It reminds me that 2010 is near. So tell me people, what have you achieve so far in 2009? Buy a car? Open your own shop? Break up with ur annoying partner *ha3. ? Or NOTHING? Just another year? Well, we still got 3 months to go. Lets try to achieve our short term goals first. :-)

E plate number?

Monday. Such a lazy day for a guy like me to 2 work. Some people call it monday blues. Blues, jazz or even funk, we still got to go to work (i mean i gotta go not you. Ha3). As i was driving at MRR2, i saw a blue honda civic ej6 (correct me if i am wrong) with a vtec sound and what makes it more interesting is the plate number. Yes my dearest reader u read it right. The plate number start with an 'E'. I decided to overtake the car and i saw the front plate also starts with 'E'. Wow, if u guys know bout this. Please do let me know.

U can be fast. I can be anywhere?

It was a fine day. A normal day. Which is my weekdays. The days that most of people on earth goes to work. As one of them who are unemployed (what a silly joke), my method of going 2 work is by car. And guees what? As i was driving along MRR2, i saw this beast. Roaring like a thunder and at the rear mirror there's a sticker that says "u can be fast. I can be anywhere". It certaintly caught my attention and i quickly snap it. But u know what? When i'm fast, u cant catch up. Ha3. :D

Testing mobile blogging

See. I am damn bored at the office.

Bad Boys Brigade

Its almost a year i started playing paintball seriously. It all started in one fine day, it was 17th Jan 2009. It is actually the first time that the Bay Boys Brigade meet up and play paintball together. It never come across my mind that all the people who played that day would actually become a team. The team players comes from different companies, mainly Petronas and Kompakar.As the days goes by, the team decided to call themselves Bad Boys Brigade (men never grows up, have u ever heard of a word bad man,or that sexy b***h always says "i like bad boys (with her sexy voice)".. Ok back to track, the team's motto is Brilliant, Bravery, Brotherhood.
Once a month the team would play at different locations of Paintball fields for example Paintball Valley Bukit Cherakah Shah Alam, Mudtrekker Kuang, Tanamera Sungai Buloh (one of our fav place), Alang Sedayu, KKlub taman Melawati and others. My plan for next year is to buy a marker for myself (those guys keep on saying "hei syafik here got sale, there got sale.. haiyaa i dont have the money yet bro.. haha.. help me when i come up with a business or a product.. :P . As always, enjoy the pics below.

Kompakar and BBB at Kombat Zone KKlub Taman Melawati

The BBB's Model

Our Camo T-shirt with the BBB Logo

Storm the front!

BBB's at Tanamera 2nd League.. 6th place out of 12 teams.

Soldiers on march

Deciding who's gonna be the black sheep.

Training at Tanamera

Me and Syah in the Bunker (at that time we are almost out of pallet.. haha)

BBB's at Alang Sedayu

BBB's in action at Mudtrekker Kuang

Trying to be a boxer with that patches? This is to avoid the facemask from fogging (what kind of a theory is this?.. haha)

The BBB's

The first meet of BBB. Kompakar VS Petronas. ( i dont work for either of the company)

The day before 1st April 2008

It's been a while i didnt update.. i guess that is just the characteristics of
O+ blood type person. They (me) easily start something but stopped in the middle of road. Well, here comes a few months story.. Do you guys still remember Princess Sofia? Or now my gal call her 'Si Merah'.. hehe. sounds cool to me.. Owh by the way, what i want to say is what happened 2 her after few month she's mine. The date is 31st March 2009. It was a fine day just like the other day. That day, i decided to go to the One Utama old wing parking lot(the loading bay) to pick up my Touch n Go from Radiyah (she's married and she's my colleague). haha.. Well, at the junction to the parking lot, i saw a Myvi (can't recall the colour) speeding towards me so i decided to step on the gas lil bit more. Suddenly, i heard a loud sound as if i hit something. I stopped my car and this thing is so sad for every car owners. The front bumper already broken into two. sigh...... I called up my friend izzat to get his help to take the bumper into his Triton pickup truck and dissambled the bumper from my car. The next day i take AL just to get her fix. Owh the date is 1st April 2009. People might think i was kidding when i call the office n say "hei yesterday my bumper broken into two at 1U old wing parking" .. Does that sound funny? Not for me. Well, as always,pictures tells a thousand words.

This is how she used to look like

Send her to get things fix

One Utama Old Wing Parking (Loading Bay)

This is how she looks now. :(