22nd May..

Today,is another day to remember. For those who know me, they might know that today is a special day for me? Why? It's my birthday (what else?). Well, for some people, it doesnt make any difference to them. Well,it does to me. It reminds me of my age. It shows that day by day we are getting older. Rather than going out all night long and get drunk, i would prefer to go out for a normal night out with my gf or my friends. As i keep on thinking, for over the years, have i made myself ready for the judgement day? Do i make myself useful to others? Have i ask for forgiveness from the people that i've hurt? sighh.... I cant think of any reason why i am still not satisfy with the things that i have. Maybe i still have the thirst of achieving something. Just like those days back in 2004 when i am the hurdler and sprinter for my school.. And now, my thirst is for money. Can't get enough of it. Money seems never enough 4 me. But that doesnt meant that i am not thankful with what ALLAH had gave me. Every time i think of the things that i want, i would look around and see what ALLAH had give me. That would keep me at peace. Owh ALLAH, please guide me to the right path. I am just a weak slave without your bless and guidance. Amin.. Happy birthday 2 me again.. Thank you for all the wishes guys and gals. Appreciate it!! :)