IBM tracks your Facebook Update!

Good Morning everyone. Today, i would like to introduce you the benefit of technology. What if you employer can trace your facebook update without you even 'like' the Facebook group? Does it sounds impossible?

NO! It is not impossible anymore! A good friend of mine just found out that IBM (International Business Machine) facebook group would actually detect the word 'IBM' in everyone FB update. I mean EVERYONE!!! Yes including YOU!

Don't laugh first.. I have proof. See it yourself!!

On 17th September 2010 i update my status using the word IBM

A minute after that, i check the IBM facebook group. Eventually my status update is there at their wall... and i don't even 'Like' the group.

This is totally a breach of privacy!!!! But anyway, i'm an ex IBMer.. Doesnt bother me much..

P/S = Click the images for a better view.


misz Lina said...


hebat!! bole detect tu. hehe

huck: sempoi said...


kuang haja ini company!!