How to detect a stalker

Yeahhh my dearest readers.. u read the title right.. I am pretty sure that there are no spelling error or i purposely put the title but in fact i am writing a different story. Most of the people complaints about having a stalker in their life. Well, for my case, you can always choose to ignore, avoid or stay out of it.

For those who knows me well, i love movies. Because in movies (intel movies not war) they actually teaches you how to use your critical thinking. So, let me tell you.... How do i detect a genuine stalker? Be it your mum, grandma, drunk dad, psycho ex-bf, mentally ill ex-gf or even ur boss!! haha.. kidding.. But seriously, HOW?

The points below are mostly applicable for an online social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter Myspace, Friendster, Tagged and etc).

How to detect a stalker 101 by Ariff Syafik Bin Zulkifli

1. The mind of a stalker always think that they are the best and they are a perfect human being. They deserve to know everything. Yes EVERYTHING!!! Because of this, they tend to choose a profile picture which is similiar to their face, facial expression, hair colour and etc.

2. They will use a sexy and attractive (not nude) profile picture.

3. Their first status update would be this "Hi i'm XXXXXX and i'm new here".

4. There are no tagged photos of them. (They don't even exist, how do they have a tagged photos of them? Unless we create a new stalker social networking site) Hahahaha...

5. They will only say 'Thank you' or 'Nice to meet you too' to the idiots who actually approved their friend request.

6. They will start to add all your close friends.

7. They rarely update their profile pictures and status.

8. Whenever they update a status on their Facebook, and all those pervert guys start to comment, you will notice that none of them (The perverts) knows her.

And yes there are hell lots more for me to share. But i guess with this little info will helps you to remove all the stalkers right away. I mean NOW!!!

P/S = Take a look at few funny photos below. :p


*artzleen said...

and a guy who's desperate je yang akan layan 'sexy stalker' like that kan? haha...beware..

mmmmwww said...

This is interesting!!! Here is an interesting film about first impressions! Check it out!!
It is a film about strangers!! Enjoy!