Hari Raya Aidilfitri's 2009 part 1

It is 3am in the morning. Why am i still awake? Well, i got a thing to tell. I am at the hotel entrance chatting with two of the hotel staff who's on duty. Over here, lots of beemers, mercs come and where the hell do this people goes? There's a ktv nearby. A ktv which is a private ktv where they provide you with hookers, prostitute or we call them 'ayam' in malay. This reminds me of the days i used 2 work in a hotel in kl. I miss those days where every night the night comes alive. Ha3. I guess i'm getting old. Owh what the hell with that photo above? One of the taxi driver shoots the fireworks or firecracker in the middle of the road. Crazy. :P

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