The day before 1st April 2008

It's been a while i didnt update.. i guess that is just the characteristics of
O+ blood type person. They (me) easily start something but stopped in the middle of road. Well, here comes a few months story.. Do you guys still remember Princess Sofia? Or now my gal call her 'Si Merah'.. hehe. sounds cool to me.. Owh by the way, what i want to say is what happened 2 her after few month she's mine. The date is 31st March 2009. It was a fine day just like the other day. That day, i decided to go to the One Utama old wing parking lot(the loading bay) to pick up my Touch n Go from Radiyah (she's married and she's my colleague). haha.. Well, at the junction to the parking lot, i saw a Myvi (can't recall the colour) speeding towards me so i decided to step on the gas lil bit more. Suddenly, i heard a loud sound as if i hit something. I stopped my car and this thing is so sad for every car owners. The front bumper already broken into two. sigh...... I called up my friend izzat to get his help to take the bumper into his Triton pickup truck and dissambled the bumper from my car. The next day i take AL just to get her fix. Owh the date is 1st April 2009. People might think i was kidding when i call the office n say "hei yesterday my bumper broken into two at 1U old wing parking" .. Does that sound funny? Not for me. Well, as always,pictures tells a thousand words.

This is how she used to look like

Send her to get things fix

One Utama Old Wing Parking (Loading Bay)

This is how she looks now. :(


LiL.DeViL said...

April Fool?

huck said...

That's why..
I'm sure that HR personnel feeling like lempang you rapidly.. hahaha!

ella said...

kureng cantek dah..