Bad Boys Brigade

Its almost a year i started playing paintball seriously. It all started in one fine day, it was 17th Jan 2009. It is actually the first time that the Bay Boys Brigade meet up and play paintball together. It never come across my mind that all the people who played that day would actually become a team. The team players comes from different companies, mainly Petronas and Kompakar.As the days goes by, the team decided to call themselves Bad Boys Brigade (men never grows up, have u ever heard of a word bad man,or that sexy b***h always says "i like bad boys (with her sexy voice)".. Ok back to track, the team's motto is Brilliant, Bravery, Brotherhood.
Once a month the team would play at different locations of Paintball fields for example Paintball Valley Bukit Cherakah Shah Alam, Mudtrekker Kuang, Tanamera Sungai Buloh (one of our fav place), Alang Sedayu, KKlub taman Melawati and others. My plan for next year is to buy a marker for myself (those guys keep on saying "hei syafik here got sale, there got sale.. haiyaa i dont have the money yet bro.. haha.. help me when i come up with a business or a product.. :P . As always, enjoy the pics below.

Kompakar and BBB at Kombat Zone KKlub Taman Melawati

The BBB's Model

Our Camo T-shirt with the BBB Logo

Storm the front!

BBB's at Tanamera 2nd League.. 6th place out of 12 teams.

Soldiers on march

Deciding who's gonna be the black sheep.

Training at Tanamera

Me and Syah in the Bunker (at that time we are almost out of pallet.. haha)

BBB's at Alang Sedayu

BBB's in action at Mudtrekker Kuang

Trying to be a boxer with that patches? This is to avoid the facemask from fogging (what kind of a theory is this?.. haha)

The BBB's

The first meet of BBB. Kompakar VS Petronas. ( i dont work for either of the company)

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Nanti aku kerja, aku join korang weh!!