What does it means to you?
Is it something that meaningless?
Wake up early in the morning to get to school, college, work.
Its the same thing over and over again.
A cycle which never stops until the day we die.

The shit that makes us regret to be alive.
Regret that the things that we have done.
The dissatisfaction for not having the things that we always want.
The hatred among humans.

But Then,
What does LIFE means?
What does it means to us?
What do we think about our life?

I wake up early in the morning.
Knowing that i have to work to survive.
Knowing that without money, there's nothing much to talk bout, nothing much to do.
Without a job, i wouldn't survive.

Why am i writing this?
Why do i create blog?
Why do i follow others?
They have blogs too... i'm not much different compared to them..

Some people called me 'Mobile Google"
The thinking is too deep and not suitable with my age.
But then, age is only a number,
doesn't mean anything to me.

Still thinking?
Why do i have this? The Blog?
Why? Just can't figure it out huh?
It's simple....

Because i believe i'm different.
It's seems hard for me to stop talking,
I never stop to think..
There's always something on my mind..

If i keep it to myself,
There's no point... Nobody would benefit from it..
And that's the main reason why the blog is created.
For us to share our wisdom, knowledge, experience and thoughts.

"Winners don't do different things, They do it differently" - Ariff Syafik Bin Zulkifli

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huck said...

Kudos to you man~