What is the first thing that would pop-up to your mind when someone says music?
Would you imagine yourself sitting in a grand orchestra hall listening to classical music? In a concert that packed with thousands of people? Or in a small room just you and your friends singing together? One thing for sure is, we love music. No matter from which era it comes from, we'll just sing to though we only know part of the song. Singing makes us happy, cheerful and also sad. Our feeling can change in a blink once we listen to the music. When we're down, we listen to the music that cheer us up. For those who are in love, they tend to listen to the Love Song. Some of the singers which is my all time favourite is Skeeter Davis, Frank Sinatra, Lobo, Bee Gees, The Beatles, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Louis Armstrong, Nirvana. From Malaysia are P.Ramlee, Sudirman, M. Nasir, and from my neighbouring country is Broery Marantika and the list goes on. Well, the definition of music differs for each of us. I have been playing music since 2006. I play the Bass for my band. We are called BANWIDTH. Yeah the name sounds familiar huh? That's because my bandmates are studying Telecommunication Engineering and we choose the name Banwidth which is similiar with BANDWIDTH the term in Telecommunication. Over the years, we've been jamming together as well as participate in local gigs and Battle of the Band. Future plan? We have no idea. One thing for sure, don't stop playing the music till the day you die.

From left : Haq (Drum), Syafik (Bass), Rizal Ome (Lead Guitar),
Syah (Rhythm Guitar)

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Muhammad Haq said...

"Future plan? No idea~" hampeh..

but still..
"Don't stop 'till ur last inhale"



nak jd rock star mmg senang... Ader rupe ade gaye. Ok sumernyer..

Tapi nk jd poser or real musician?

Nak jd poser mmg senang.. Junjung instrument. Main 2 3 show then pose puas2.

Nak jd Musician btol2 kne practice, willing to commit. Ader improvement from time to time.

What make a good musician / Band Mate?

1. Commitment
2. Practice sendiri
3. Practice sendiri
4. Practice with band mate
5. Create own music style
6. Instrument 1st
7. Do not forget ur own SONG!
8. try to learn b4 jamming
9. Explore ur instrument
100001. Stylo Image

In Music
People listen then only they look at you.

If ur face as handsome as Brat Pitt but play like moron well better just play ur THING (kemaluan lelaki) in the toilet.

THis Goes to Me And all my band mate.

So Please Practice~!

Kiter bukan budak skolah

ariff-syafik said...

gile mendalam sial...
byk maknenye tu..