Google office in Malaysia?

Malaysians might have the chance to work with Google soon!

Yeah, it's so damn true. I know some of us had heard about it, and this is actually early of 2008 they announce it. Now, prepare yourself with lots of skills, latest resume, so that we can altogether try our luck and goes to the interview to work for Google. How cool that sounds when your friends ask "Where are you working John?". And you replied with a proud voice "I work for Google". That sounds damn cool. Scroll down and read the news.

In recent meeting with Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said “Google has started discussions with Malaysia’s Multimedia Development Corp on establishing a base in the country.” (reuters)

Google has been rated as the best company to work for in America again for 2008. Currently, Hanson Toh, Malaysia Google Country Consultant, is the only Google employee in Malaysia.

Google has offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

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