You have enemies? Good...

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Sir Winston Churchill.

A quote from Sir Winston Churchill that makes me wonder. Do i really have one? Do we really have one? Or maybe more than one? Maybe more than we could ever imagine? Growing up was never easy. The older we become, the lesser people we trust. This is the ugly truth that we all faced. Quitting my job and entering the business world makes me realise that yeah enemies, haters or whatever that you call them exist.

 If you don't do, they'll talk about it. If you do, they'll talk about it too. Just do it. Do whatever that makes you happy (As long as it is not something illegal and sinful). Cheers ~

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rabiatul adawiyah said...

Hah! betul la tu. kuatkan semangat dan buat je apa yang syafik suka. Susah atau senang tetap diri sendiri yang terima hasilnya iaitu money money money.. hehehe.