Event's Highlight - Terengganu Rip Curl Pro 2012

photo courtesy of Danial room8five.com

Hi everyone! its been a while. Yes it is. Anyway, here's the Terengganu Rip Curl Pro 2012 event's highlight. All the things you need to know. About Rip Curl Pro - formerly known as the Bells Beach Surf Classic, Rip Curl Pro is an ASP World Tour surfing competition held in and around Torquay, Victoria. The event is based at Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia. The event was the longest running surfing competition and the only ASC/ISC Tour event featuring top international surfers.

Terengganu Rip Curl Pro 2012 - First ever 6-star Asian Surfing Championship competition in Malaysia. The event, which being sanctioned  by ASC (Asian Surfing Championship), will become part of the ASC platform for Malaysian surfers to compete in against other Asian Surfers in events around the region. The divisions and entry fees for the event is as per below :

1. Men's Open                 RM50.00
2. Women's Open            RM50.00
3. Master's Open             RM50.00
4. Body-board open        RM50.00
5. Longboard open          RM50.00

Note : All entry fees are donated to local Terengganu Welfare Home.

The total prize purse of RM36,700 cash, trophies and prizes from Rip Curl.

Contest Venue -Batu Burok Beach or Pantai batu Burok is one of the popular stretch of beach in Kuala Terengganu where locals go to during weekends and in the evening. It is located just 1km away from the city of Kuala Terengganu and is in front of Primula Beach REsort,  a 4-star hotel. The cultural centre is also located here and traditional games, stage performances are on display every Friday from 5.00pm - 6.30pm.
The performance that you can see include the pencak silat - a form of Malay martial art, kite flying, sepak raga and top spinning. From November to March each year, Batu Burok  Beach receive tremendous amount of waves during the monsoon season which makes this beach suitable for the surfing contest.

Venue : Batu Burok Beach, Kuala Terengganu (Malaysia)
Date : 30th November - 2nd December 2012
Contest Time : 8.00am - 6.30pm

Note : All the info above taken from the Media Guidebook given to us during registration by Rip Curl Malaysia. :)

Going to the beach
Woman's division
Rip Curl Malaysia Surfer Brenda Ng in action. Photo credit to buahmulut.com
Catch the big wave! - Photo credit to buahmulut.com
Getting the right wave is important!

Activities for crowd
The Bloggers! :)

Rip Curl Pro Terengganu 2012 Contest Results:

ASC Men’s Open Division

1. Made Darmayasa (IDN)
2. Garut Widiarta (IDN)
3. Andre Julian (IDN)
4. Sandi Selamat (IDN)

ASC Longboard Division
1. Arip Nurhidayat (IDN)
2. Tipi Jabrik (IDN)
3. Decha Sithidej (THA)
4. Khairil Doje (MLY)

ASC Women’s Division
1. Jesse Hong (TWN)
2. Yasnyiar Gea (IDN)
3. Diah Rahayu (IDN)
4. Salini Rengganis (IDN)

ASC Master’s Division
1. Tipi Jabrik (IDN)
2. James Hendy (ENG)
3. Decha Sithidej (THA)
4. Yasuo Hirana (JPN)

Bodyboard Division
1. Ibrahim Shiman (MDV)
2. Syed El Hussain Syed Atikullah (MLY)
3. Ali Javeed (MDV)
4. Hatta Affendi (MLY)

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