Future cyberathlete.

Counter-Strike. Have any of you tried this game before? Any idea how it looks like? How does it feels to play the game? Why people are so addicted to this game? I still remember that i started to play the game way back in the year 2000. In the year 2004 i was in WCG (World Cyber Game) competition which was held in Midvalley, KL. Now, i am active in paintball. Some of the basic decoy, attacking, defending skills i learned in CS, plus with my fast tapping finger (i play the bass for my band) and my fast movement and run (i was a 1500M runner and 400M hurdler during the secondary school) makes me a great paintballer. Well, the picture above have nothing to do with my history, its just that this kid (i believe he is less than 9 years old) is a bad a**. I can see few head shot he made. He'll be the perfect person for any team who are looking for a new talent in CS. :p

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huck said...

rilek compliment diri sendiri.. hahahaha!