Care for a 'budget hotel'?

Imagine this, you are in KL and you can't find a hotel, or even a budget hotel. So, what do you do? Why dont you go to a cyber cafe with a cool air conditioning, a comfortable seat and a clean toilet. Where do you find one? You can find one at V2 Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.


huck: sempoi said...
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huck: sempoi said...

hahhahahha!! a one kind of hotels where you can't perform ur "love-kungfu"

p/s: V2's aircond was bloody cold.. get ur jacket ready..

Ariff Syafik Bin Zulkifli said...

love kungfu? ko mcm shial la haq.. tapi serius wei aku teringin nk bayar utk satu malam.. pakai sweater. tidor dkt kerusi tu.. haha..