Preparation for Burden Run 2014

Are you guys ready for the Burden Run? For those who are not prepared, let me tell you something. You are truly out of your mind if you are not trained for this. Ok here's why, on Sunday i tried to run with 13 Kg plates (I keep it in a bagpack and carry it like a sandbag) for 4km. Kenape 13kg? Cause we need to train harder than the actual. Here's my experience during the run.

1km = Lots of swearing "Oh beratnye" "kenape lah susah sangat" and other vulgar words which are inappropriate for me to share here.

2km- Approaching 2km, "This can be done" , "Come on!" , "You don't stop you keep moving"

3km & 4km - My body already used to it. Larian lebih tenang tanpa sebarang carutan atau muka masam. Its all in the mind babeh.

Below is my result running with 13kg plates.

So, Here's the plan. What do i learned from the trial yesterday?

1. Train hard. Yes, at least try lah satu atau dua kali.. Kalau terus je pegi event angkat sandbag takut ada yang pengsan tak biasa. For those bootcampers, this wouldn't be something new for you.

2. Use gloves. Yes, gunakanlah gloves. Training glove i mean. Bukan glove doctor pakai tu bang. itu lagi lah berpeluh tangan. Organizer does not allow you to use wrist wrap, but they never mention anything about gloves (i have read the T&C). Kenape? Kerana telapak tangan anda akan berpeluh lebih dari biasa. Eventhough you don't have a sweaty palms, holding a 10kg sandbag or 7.5kg for women will definitely makes u sweat.

3. Bring a towel with you. Ape kejadahnya nk lari bawak towel nie? Well when i run i dont sweat until it gets into my eye. I just dont.. But yesterday was a different scenario, peluh x henti masuk mata. Pedih dik non!

4. Drink enough water. Yeah, u read that right. Minum air secukupnya tapi jangan terlebih nanti kembung perut.

5. Power Gel. YES or NO? Yes for me. Why? It ain't running with a sandbag on your shoulder for 5.7km. Ye abang, 5.7km. Memey ramai2 kita menangis atas Bukit Cinta tuh. My advice is to consume the power gel right before u carry the sandbag. Or maybe at the 4th km.

6. Get enough rest. Bende paling basic before any event. If u train hard with no rest u will not be able to perform during the event. My advice is to have at least 24hr - 48hr rest before the event. 

All the best to us! 

P/S = Siapa tak nak bawak balik sandbag tu bagi aku. It will be useful for my group's training. Hehehe.

Below are the event details

Day/Date = Sunday, 26 Jan 2014

Venue = Sport Science Stadium, University Malaya

Start Time = 7.30 AM

Race Pack Collection

Day/Date = Saturday 25th January 2014 

Time = 12 pm - 5 pm 

Venue = Sport Science Stadium, University Malaya 

Told ya it ain't easy. 

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