Food for the soul

Have you noticed this... When we look for good things in situation - or people - We FIND them.
When we look for bad things, we FIND them too,

So, it't not changing your situation that makes you happier. It's changing your THINKING!!
If you look for faults in your job, friends, life partner - you will actually find plenty. Some people spend their life looking for faults - and then they tell you, "i'm just being REALISTIC!". It is not realistic! It is NEGATIVE Thinking!

Happy people contiually ask themselves, "What is good about this situation?"

Example :
You are stuck in a mass traffic jamm. You ask yourself, "What's GOOD about it?"
*You have time to listen to your favourite CD
*You can plan your day
*GOD might save you from an accident which might happened to you

Example :
You are short of money. You ask "What's GOOD about having no cash?"
*You learn how to save more
*You learn the difference between NEEDS and WANTS
*You become more determined to succeed

You might say this "That's INSANE! I'm fooling myself" Not every good things is the key to happiness.

In every situation, Look for the REASON why the things happened or as a muslim we call it "Hikmah".

It may be hard at first, Sooner rather than later, you will find yourself are more likely to be happy, peaceful and more tolerance in life.

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