Tribute to Emosi Studio.

Emosi Studio...
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when i say that word "emosi studio"?
Do you think that it is an emotional studio? A jamming studio? Emotional people in a studio (kinda right.. *laugh*).

This is Emosi Studio from the perspective of my Lead Guitar (Emosi Studio is my band anyway), oh Ome i have edited a bit of your writing.. hope you don't mind.

this is the reason:
1. Emosi = Feelings
Sometimes we could be happy, sometimes we could be sad, sometime we are good, and sometimes we are bad (for me it's all the time). To relate it with the band we are trying to go for what we like and playing what people like to listen... The key word is to be UNIVERSAL. Play all type of the music and enjoy doing it. Human emotions is unpredictable so we are pushing the same concept for our music. As for "Studio" stand for the place where all the music and idea came from.

2. Easy to remember.

3. Sounds cool (i believe so)

Ok now, why do i play music? does it got something to do with passion? Is it because it's a trend? friends? Well, i can say that it is all.. Music is a passion.. Music speaks more than words.. Music is how we deliver our feelings.. And currently now i am weak, sad, confused, loved, happy.. It's a mixed emotions. And for now, my bands are pushing to play for gigs, acoustic and we should be prepared for it!! Let's go to the class Ome.. If our gf/wife/scandal leaves us, music are here to stay... *laugh*...

From Left, Adli Bobot, Ome, Ariff Syafik (blog moderator), Wan, Farid, & Syah

the supporter for our very first acoustic show at Cantumas Cafe Setiawangsa

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