Are you alone?

What does that supposed to mean?
No friends? No family.. No money?
When we say that lonely word which is "alone", we tend to feel that creepy feeling till some of us shivers to death..

14 February,
The days where lovers celebrate their love with their love one (of course u idiot)..
It is celebrated across the globe or the universe?..
Some even celebrating it without knowing the history of the celebration..
I guess thats just human, we just follow blindly.. Not even knowing whether we should or we should not..

What am i trying to say here?
Celebration? Valentine's day? Alone?
None of the above..
It's just that i feel like posting a post which is a personal thingy..
I often post things bout life, career, jokes, this and that but not bout me..
Maybe it's time..

Being 22 this year makes me feel that i'm old when i see school kids n teenagers nearby my house.. Their laughter, their smile, their happiness.. I am so jealous!!
I miss the good old days.. Sigh...
Owh coming back to our topic, What i want to say is i wish that life could be much more easier.. Would it?

Yeah i go out with lots of gals, but at the bottom of my heart..
The loneliness is there.. Wish that somebody could fill that for me..
I found that people says i have that playboy or kasanova looks.. Yes i agree with that.. My eyes can't stop staring at girls (onlt the beautiful and sexy one)..,
But then, It is so damn hard for me to accept someone in my life..

This year..
I hope, wish (not toyota wish) and pray that there will be someone for me..
Are you the one? ha2... send me a text now.. If only u know my mobile number.. he3..
I guess thats all from me... Adios Amigos..


Anonymous said...

chafix....wa ade no phone sedeh ya..cian2..xpe2..nanty mu dpat yg solehah solehah paki purdah gitu..maw ka?ngeh3...chowzz

huck said...

Drek, ada tmpt kosong utk kaum2 nyah tak drek..

Nyun sedia terima ko jadi lelaki dia drek...

Tak silap mak, dia ada no phone ko sundalz!!

Nanti mak suh dia baca blog ni ye nyah~

ariff-syafik said...

sesungguhnye sesunyi mane pon aku.
aku ttp lurus di jalan yg benar..
tidak akan ku bertukar hati..

bodohnye haq cibai lu...
ketok ko dgn drumstick ko..

.m.I.E.y.a. said...

were in the same boat..
sadly kan..

ariff-syafik said...

it's ok kakak ku syg..

soon there will be some1.. :D


Oit~!!!!!! maner bole... Kiter dah wat pakatan kan.. No gurlfriend. Only scandal... Scandal live forever... Gurl friend only last untill menapouse( Kodisen dimana wanita tidak dapat lagi mengeluarkan pelincir2 yg diperlukan...) ha3... Loser On Taman Melati....

ariff-syafik said...

cibai gile statement ko ome...
ade ke mcm tu.. ko dah 50 pon dah x leh perform dah bai....

kite kene troskan zuriat keturunan islam... dapat pahala..

huck said...

Betul la apa yg mak cakap, sundelz!

Abbaanngg Syyyaaafiikkk~~~~~~

Yeah! Betol Ome.. Tapi zuriat kena ada jugak bai..


Loyal For One,
Service For All..

ariff-syafik said...

abg bagi servis terbaikk...